A melting pot of cultures and diversities, Singapore is home to a large Muslim population. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, and when the sun sets, they gather with friends and family to break their fast in a joyous occasion known as iftar. 

Celebrating buka puasa with friends and family is a great way to strengthen bonds, share traditions and create new memories. In addition, not only is it a time for spiritual reflection and connection with family and friends, but it is also an opportunity to earn rewards through good deeds and charitable acts.

As we talk about rewards, how about you get to earn rewards while dining out during Buka Puasa? Who doesn’t like discounts and free gifts while having a gala time with your friends and family?

This Ramadan, we decided to bring you a list of halal-certified eating joints that not only serve mouth-watering food but also offer rewards for patronizing their outlets. Here is our curated list of recommendations! Read on to find out more about these restaurants and the special ongoing promotions that each brand offers!

1. Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden is a popular Korean-style buffet chain in Singapore that offers a variety of Korean dishes and barbeque options. Operating for 40 years, now they have 14 F&B outlets serving unmatchable grill and hotpot experience to their customers.

Their regulars love their wide selection of dishes, including Korean barbeque, soups, stews, salads, noodles, and desserts. The meat selection is particularly impressive and full of flavors.

In addition to the amazing food, the Seoul Garden members also enjoy “Fantastic Rewards”. Seoul Garden’s membership is FREE to join, where members get exclusive vouchers and earn points. 

Do not miss visiting Seoul Garden this season. To sign up for Seoul Garden’s Fantastic Rewards, you can either visit any of their outlets or click here to enroll yourself and get a $15 voucher. 

2. Nuodle

Nuodle is a Chinese noodle restaurant chain that has expanded to several locations in Singapore. With a focus on authenticity, Nuodle aims to continue the practices of noodle-making developed over thousands of years by Lanzhou noodle artisans. 

The menu offers a wide range of options, including La Mian, thick Vermicelli, handmade Dumplings, and beef Wantons. The noodle dishes are quite flavorful and hearty, with generous portions of meat and vegetables.

Coming to the best part, the too-good-to-be-true Nuodle membership offers great benefits to its members. Get rewards worth SGD 50 for just SGD 9.99.

Free mains, free drinks, birthday treats, and bonus credit are all great perks that can make dining at Nuodle Singapore more enjoyable and affordable. 

We know you don’t want to miss these mind-blowing rewards. Click here to become a Nuodle member now!

3. Yassin Kampung

Yassin Kampung is a popular chain of halal restaurants in Singapore that serves a variety of Malaysian-style dishes. The restaurant is known for its affordable prices and generous portions, making it a popular spot for families and groups of friends. Some of the popular dishes at Yassin Kampung include Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus, and Satay.

This Ramadan season, dine out at Yassin Kampung while earning amazing rewards. Win cash backs, free vouchers, exclusive deals birthday treats, and more.

Jiak Modern Tze Char

Jiak Modern Tze Char is a family-friendly, Halal Chinese restaurant that serves up authentic and traditional Tze Char dishes. Set in a modern, jazzy, and cozy environment, Jiak is a place for simple and delicious comfort food at affordable prices.

Jiak Modern Tze Char incorporates new cooking techniques and ingredients while still retaining the familiar flavors of classic zi char dishes. They offer a wide range of items including a variety of soups, chicken, seafood, greens, and more. Do not miss their signature fish head curry and slipper lobster black bee hoon.

There is another way where you can experience their signature dishes while getting perks like cashback, vouchers worth $60, and birthday discounts. This Ramadan, enroll yourself in Jiak Modern Tze Char’s membership and enjoy traditional Cantonese-style dishes with a modern twist.

Click here to get Jiak Modern Tze Char’s membership


Ramadan is a special time for Muslims around the world, and one of the highlights of the month is the breaking of the fast, or buka puasa, each evening. Everyone likes to gather with family and friends to break the fast at sunset each evening. 

If you decide to eat out, the ambiance of the place you go to, and the quality of the food make a lot of difference. Do try our recommendations and team Advocado with you a very Happy Holy Month of Ramadan.

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