In the world of customer loyalty programs, it’s necessary to build a reward system that stands out, and serves its purpose of benefiting the loyal customers as well as the brand. A right loyalty program can be a brand’s best-performing marketing campaign.

In this article, we are privileged to share some real-life examples of loyalty programs in the retail industry in Singapore. The brands listed below are top brands in their niche, and have an incredible loyalty program.

If you are a retail business owner in Singapore, these examples will have some great takeaways for you.

1. The Green Party

The Green Party offers a wide variety of good quality items from stationery to household items and kids items, mainly focussing on trendy goods that pursue a green & nature lifestyle. They have 14 outlets across Singapore, all located in shopping malls.

The Green Party offers a tiered membership program based on the customer spent. It’s free to become a member. The membership gets automatically upgraded to Premium or Gold depending on the amount the customer spends with The Green Party. All members are offered cashback depending on their membership tier. In addition, all members also get Birthday Vouchers.

To motivate new customers to enrol in the membership program, The Green Party offers welcome vouchers to all new members. Besides, the best part is that all members can also use these rewards to purchase from their sister brand Gadget Mix. Gadget Mix and The Green Party share their loyalty program, and the parent company has more than 50 outlets in Singapore. The ease of earning and redeeming rewards, and the easy availability of their outlets in all parts of Singapore make them the most loved rewards program.

2. Better Vision

Better Vision is an Optical Brand that has 7 outlets in Singapore located at the Tampines Mall, Westgate Mall, Novena Square, Waterway point, Vivocity, Northpoint City, and Causeway point.

Along with being the finest optical brand, Better Vision also offers outstanding rewards. They offer free Classic Membership. Before we even start to list the perks, have a look at their pamphlet below:

Yes, you just read that right. Their membership offers freebies, additional discounts, and birthday rewards. They also offer loyalty points, and the members can collect points for additional cash discounts. For your next optical purchase, do enrol in their membership program to get amazing deals.

3. One Futureworld

One Futureworld is premium resellers of BOSE music systems in Singapore. They have multi-tiered membership structure based on customer spending. Each membership tier has interesting breakdown of rewards that not only allows One Futureworld to fairly reward their customers, but also to segment the customers systematically in order to serve them even better. Do not miss out the birthday treats in each membership tier.

4. Nimisski

Nimisski is a women’s fashion retail brand, and they have 4-outlets in Singapore, located at Suntec city, Far East Plaza, Paragon, and Change Alley Mall.

Nimisski also has multi-tiered membership with different rewards at every tier. But the way Nimisski does is very interesting, and it’s like a game for the customers. They offer customers points for every dollar spent, and the customers have to collect points to upgrade their membership. If they upgrade their membership, they receive more cashback. In addition, Nimisski also offers Birthday Discounts to all the customers, irrespective of their membership Tier.

5. Mobilestop

Mobilestop is Singapore’s leading one-stop-shop for all mobile accessories. With 6-outlets across the country, they enjoy a strong base of loyal customers. They offer ‘M Rewards’ to their customers, which is a very smart way to brand their loyalty program and stand out from their competitors.

M rewards offer a free welcome gift, cashback, birthday treats, and other exclusive deals for their members. Please take a look at their loyalty program, and don’t forget to claim your $10 welcome voucher.


In order to survive and thrive, any business must treat and prioritise loyalty as a strategic marketing initiative. A strong loyalty framework allows businesses to identify and reward their customers for their loyalty. Hence rewarding their loyal customers will not only help businesses to retain them but make them happy and feel rewarded.

If as a retail business, you don’t have a loyalty strategy in place, now can be a good time to think about it. With the help of technology, it’s very easy today to have a program that is customised according to your business objective and target customers.

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