Carv Butchery wins customers with Advocado's proprietary Loyalty Engagement Wheel Framework

About Carv

Founded by Shin Wong, Suzy Tay, Melody Low, and Trip Lim, Carv is an artisanal butchery located in the Toa Payoh neighbourhood of Singapore. The meats and seafood they offer are free range and all-natural. They also provide cheeses and wines, with their in-house chef hand-crafting butter and take-away gourmet meals as well.

At a Glance

With Advocado, Carv Butchery achieves the following results:

The Objectives

Advocado was ready to go with its incredible set of features, allowing Carv to get started straight away.

Shin appreciates Advocado’s full suite of functions, ranging from customer rewards to marketing outreach. She no longer feels limited with regards to how she can design promotions, since Advocado has so many options for customer loyalty. 


She especially likes the reports and the customer segmentation functions, which gives her insights into Carv’s customers and allows her to create targeted offers to keep them coming back. Advocado provides her with up-to-date information on not just the makeup of the membership base, but but also the rate at which customers utilise promotions.

“I didn’t want a proprietary CRM system when there’s an off-the-shelf solution that works just as well for me.!”

-Shin, C-founder, Carv Butchery-

What Our Merchant Said?

“Having a membership is a win-win for both the customer and me!”‘

Co-founder, Carv Butchery


Carv now has a greater range of options in how they reward their loyal customers.

Carv has been able to use Advocado's Loyalty Engagement Wheel framework to generate more revenue. This framework, specially designed for F&B outlets, consists of three steps: Reward, Know, and Engage.

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