Every day, we are bombarded by hundreds of promotions, be it online or offline. As a restaurant owner, it’s quintessential to ensure that your promotion is able to stand out amidst the crowd and capture the attention of your target audience.

So, how do you create a winning promotion for your F&B brand? Why does it seem like the bigger brands always manage to draw in the crowd? Is it mainly about the amount of marketing budget or are they doing something differently?

Having worked with these top F&B brands, we have identified that these brands do not just offer promotions such as cashback, discounts, etc. What these brands do differently is they provide a rewarding experience for their customers, so that they feel valued and special. When customers feel appreciated, they will naturally have the tendency to continue staying loyal to the brand.

Here are some of the winning promotion strategies for your restaurant, inspired from top F&B brands in Singapore:


1. Dian Xiao Er Promotion

Dian Xiao Er is one of Singapore’s proudest gems, known for their Herbal Roasted Ducks and other authentic Chinese dishes! If you want authentic flavors that have been brought down through generations, Dian Xiao Er should be at the top of your list.

Along with the mouthwatering food and excellent service that they offer, what really makes their customers keep coming back is their membership program, which offers unbelievable discounts and value. Let’s take a look at it:

By simply signing up as a member, a customer gets to enjoy:

  • One FREE Whole duck
  • 2X $50 e-vouchers
  • Earn DXE Points
  • 20% birthday discounts

Through this membership program, their customers are able to get $400 worth of value by only paying $88 annually! Who wouldn’t like to enjoy such a wonderful deal? The key lesson from Dian Xiao Er’s promotion is that it’s important to give customers real value for their money.

Become a Dian Xiao Er Member now: https://advo.io/cm03JZ

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2. Tim Ho Wan Promotion

Tim Ho Wan is Singapore’s most loved household Michelin Star restaurant, known for their delectable dishes ranging from their world-famous Dim Sums to a variety of mouthwatering Chinese delicacies. Whether it is heartwarming breakfast with your loved ones, a gathering with best mates, or an important meeting with clients, you would not go wrong by choosing Tim Ho Wan as your dining spot of choice. 

Although being a Michelin Star brand is an impressive feat, what truly makes their customers coming back repeatedly is their remarkable membership program that is chock-full of rewards for their customers. This makes their customers feel valued upon every visit.

Let’s see some key points in their promotional strategy:

  • Tim Ho Wan offer FREE Osmanthus Jelly as a welcome gift to every new member who signs up
  • Members are eligible for special “member’s promotions”
  • Members earn points every time they dine in at Time Ho Wan. These points can be used to redeem FREE dishes.

The key to Tim Ho Wan’s promotion strategy is to express their gratitude to their regular customers by offering them points and other benefits, such as treating them with complementary dishes. Best of all, signing up to become a Tim Ho Wan member is FREE!

Become a Tim Ho Wan Member now: https://advo.io/GmwF6w


3. Song Fa Membership Program

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that every Singaporean has eaten at or has heard about Song Fa. This Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant rules most of our hearts when it comes to every Singaporean’s love affair with Bak Kut Teh.

Alongside welcome vouchers and birthday treats, their superb membership program rewards customers with cashback every time they dine at any Song Fa But Kut Teh outlet. In other words, the more you eat, the more cashback you earn!

Here is a detailed breakdown of the program:

The key takeaway from Song Fa’s strategy is that they believe in instant gratification for their customers. Cashbacks are the most straightforward method of providing value for your customers because it is something that the members can “see”. The cashback has proven to be a remarkable success, resulting in a positive customer experience and creating brand loyalty. 

Become a Song Fa Member now: advo.io/M1dv0w


4. HoneyWorld® Membership Program

HoneyWorld® is the only honey specialty brand in Singapore that provides a wide range of honey and bee-related products from across the world! You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of honey products that HoneyWorld® offers!

That’s not all! HoneyWorld® has a sweet membership program to give you more value for your money by signing up as a member!!

By signing up as a member the customers get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • A $50 Welcome Voucher
  • One FREE bottle of 1kg Premium Mānuka Honey
  • Vouchers worth $90
  • 3 Honey Points for every $1 spent

For Honey World, they have found value in building emotional connections with the customers. Throughout the year, members are pampered with offers and freebies, thanks to the smart design of their membership program. Their customers also love them for their new and innovative honey products. They love to emotionally bond with their customers and feel responsible for fulfilling their honey cravings.

Click here to become a member now, and get 2 FREE Honeystix

How can you have a similar promotion strategy for your restaurant?

As shown by the success stories above, it’s very that your brand and promotion strategy should stand out for your customers to notice you, try your food, and eventually become regular customer. A similarity between the membership programs above is that they offer customers with amazing value for money and constant rewards, giving them more value the more they spend.

At Advocado, our priority has always been and will always be to help F&B and other retail businesses to build an amazing promotion strategy that not only stands out, but one that brings 5X-6X results to your business. Our loyalty experts will be delighted to understand your business objectives and suggest you strategies that work. Get in touch now to kickstart your best promotion strategy.

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