Nanta BBQ eliminates operational burden by digitalising Loyalty with Advocado

About Diamon Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen operates 2 outlets in Singapore serving homestyle Chinese cuisine. They serve a variety of dishes, but their speciality lies in preparing live seafood. Families looking for traditional Cantonese dishes in a comfortable atmosphere should definitely pay a visit!

At a Glance

With Advocado, Nanta BBQ achieves the following results:

The Objectives

Advocado allows Josh to gain insight into Diamond Kitchen's customer base in just a few clicks.

Once Diamond Kitchen digitised their customer database with Advocado, Josh noted that he could access membership data “at a glance”, especially appreciating the ability to see “how many new signups there are daily or weekly”. Additionally, using Advocado’s Reports function, he could analyse Diamond Kitchen’s customer base much easier as compared to before. The system aggregates important information like gender, age and frequency of visits, allowing him to get a birds-eye view of the customer base instead of sifting through individual forms. Furthermore, Josh appreciates Advocado’s competitive pricing, as well as the fact that the Advocado team assisted Diamond Kitchen with creating marketing collateral to promote his new membership programme.

“”It’s easy for me to see at a glance everything on the dashboard.””

-Josh, CEO, Diamond Kitchen-

What Our Merchant Said?

“I can finally put a number to the number of people interested in our membership…as the number grows, it’s heartening to see.”

CEO, Diamond Kitchen


Diamond Kitchen can now encourage the growth of their customer base with ease.

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