Epoint and Advocado Partner for Streamlined Business Solutions

Singapore, December 7, 2023 – Epoint Systems is one-stop POS and IT solutions catering to all types of business needs. They help companies recognise opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes and providig complete solution, training and service.


In a recent development, Epoint Systems integrated with Advocado to bring a seamless and comprehensive solution to businesses. This will help businesses to further enhance the business operations, customer engagement and loyalty programs.


Advocado specializes in providing robust loyalty CRM solutions designed to enhance customer retention and satisfaction. With a focus on personalized engagement, Advocado enables businesses to create tailored loyalty programs that resonate with their customer base. The integration with Epoint Systems will enable businesses to seamlessly connect their point of sale transactions with Advocado’s loyalty CRM, creating a unified ecosystem for customer management.


With evolving customer expectations and market dynamics, Epoint-Advocado partnership provides integrated solution that can help businesses to achieve a competitive edge. Advocado is very happy with this collaboration, and is looking for a lont-term collaboration.

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