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Customer loyalty and retention in Singapore doesn’t have to cost a bomb! Reward your customers with special items or discounts when they’ve accumulated enough loyalty points. It’s an excellent and effective low-cost strategy for businesses with lower margins.

It’s All Digital

No cards, no apps, no loose paper. Thank God! Your customers can easily check the rewards associated to their accounts and claim it! It’s all done through their phones, no effort on your end!

Flexibility At Our Core

Flexibility is essential when it comes to targeted marketing in Singapore. Whether it’s free items or a huge discount, loyalty points will enable you to reward your customers the way you want to.

Mix and Match

Along with other features, get ready to mix and match to unlock the incredible potential to bring customers back again and again.

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Our Happy Brands

Take an inside look at our partnership with Happy Brands in exceeding their Customer Engagement, Marketing and Sales goals.

Saute San

Using marketing automation, Saute San leveraged on tech to get their customers coming back.


See how iROO generated 43% returning customers on a regular basis.

Bose-One Future World

Amazing omnichannel customer engagement across 5 outlets and online? See how One Future World did it with Advocado

99 Percent Hair Studio

A spike in revenue and customer enrolment despite the pandemic, come check out their incredible story.

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