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Whether you have a new store opening, product launch or promotions, or new customer retention strategies you want to try out, use Broadcast to announce this to all your customers. One click, and all the customers in your database will receive your ad. Reach your customers directly through SMS marketing.

Choose Who To Tell

There are situations where your promotion is only relevant to certain customers. Now, you can perform targeted marketing to be selective and select the customers you want to broadcast your message to. Save cost of sending SMS to every single customer. Being specific has more perks.

Get Automated

Tired of sending same birthday rewards over and over again? Let Advocade, our marketing automation bot, do the heavy lifting for you. Set it once, and you’re good to go!

Our Happy Brands

Take an inside look at our partnership with Happy Brands in exceeding their Customer Engagement, Marketing and Sales goals.

Saute San

Using marketing automation, Saute San leveraged on tech to get their customers coming back.


See how iROO generated 43% returning customers on a regular basis.

Bose-One Future World

Amazing omnichannel customer engagement across 5 outlets and online? See how One Future World did it with Advocado

99 Percent Hair Studio

A spike in revenue and customer enrolment despite the pandemic, come check out their incredible story.

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