Foodzaps, F&B POS Systems Integrates with Advocado.

Singapore, November 1, 2023 – FoodZaps offers a comprehensive point-of-sale system designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for F&B businesses in Singapore. By leveraging this innovative solution, businesses can significantly reduce costs, empower staff, and drive increased sales.


Recently, FoodZaps integrated with Advocado’s cloud-based loyalty-CRM, further empowers F&B establishments to cultivate strong customer relationships. Now, along with more efficient business operations, F&B brands can implement loyalty programs, reward their customers, and improve overall engagement.


This integrated approach not only simplifies transactions but also enables F&B enterprises to create personalized and rewarding experiences for their clientele. Now, more and more F&B brands can take advantage of this integrated solution, while fostering customer loyalty.

The Loyalty CRM of Choice for
F&B & Retail