HoneyWorld® partners with Advocado to launch customer rewards seamlessly

About HoneyWorld

HoneyWorld® was founded in 1997 by Pearline Goh, who was then a fresh university graduate. Over the years, they have expanded to 22 retail outlets in Singapore, specializing in honey and bee-related products from across the world. They also offer their amazing products to overseas customers via their online store, with international shipping available. They place great emphasis on quality, maintaining strong relationships with trusted partners to give customers the best product they can.

At a Glance

With Advocado, HoneyWorld® sees the following results:

The Objectives

Advocado understood what HoneyWorld® was looking for, and provided them with a personalised membership programme.

Pearline values the consistent support of the Advocado customer success team, who was very understanding of HoneyWorld’s business model. She highlighted that they took time to discuss her needs and considered the average basket size of a customer before suggesting offers and campaigns that she could implement, like paid memberships. Furthermore, Pearline appreciates the easy signup process Advocado provides; customers only need to provide their telephone number or scan a QR code to become a registered member. She noted that the in-house marketing automation, Advocade, also lessens the burden on staff to conduct customer outreach. “Birthday month offers, holiday offers — these can all be sent out through Advocado!” She said.

“People at Advocado know what to do. They listen to what we need before coming up with something for us. So we feel catered to, unlike some other CRMs that just have standard packages. They make it very simple for our team”

-Pearline, Founder,HoneyWorld®-

What Our Merchant Said?

“You know how well it’s working? We have customers emailing us for points after they visit our stores. ‘Hey, I forgot to mention I was a member, but I still have the receipt. Can you add the points for me?'”

Founder, HoneyWorld®


HoneyWorld® now has a paid membership program with Advocado, that keeps customers coming back for more.

Within two months, HoneyWorld was able to launch their membership programme with Advocado. Pearline recalls that the customer success team adapted the system to accommodate the multiple membership tiers she had wanted, with different store credit values being connected to their respective tiers. Automated messages through Advocade also help HoneyWorld to generate repeat visits: 50% of members who received expiry alerts for rewards came back to purchase from HoneyWorld. Pearline is pleased with how well Advocado’s system has held up after 2 years of use. “I’ve never needed to call back. Everything’s gone smoothly. The only time we get calls from Advocado is when there’s new opportunities for us!”

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