98% people open the SMS they receive.

75% people say they want to receive an offer via SMS. 

Most people respond to an SMS within 90 seconds.

Hence, the SMS definitely has higher open rates, deliverability as well as click-thru rate as compared to most other mediums of communications available. They are direct and precise. For SME’s, SMS is the best channel to inform their customers about the attractive offers.

Let’s talk ROI

As a marketer, it is essential to get the maximum return on investment (ROI) on every marketing campaign you run; however, there are various avenues available, and most times, it can prove difficult to identify the right medium for your campaign. This is where SMS marketing and email marketing come in. One of the best ways of engaging your customers is simply by reaching out to them through SMS and emails. Now while they are both excellent marketing strategies, studies and statistic has shown that SMS marketing is a more suitable marketing campaign than email- marketing.

It is essential to understand that this article is not aimed at debunking email marketing but rather showing you which of the marketing strategies provides more benefit and is better suited for engaging your customers, which is, in this case, SMS marketing. Based on research, SMS open rates are at an estimated 98% as opposed to that of emails, which are just 20%, and based on this same research it also shows that it takes a person 90 seconds to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

To be practical, use yourself as an example; it will be very untrue to say that you open or read every email sent to you. 65% of marketers are of the opinion that SMS marketing is a more efficient marketing method for them, while 75% of people have also stated that they will prefer to receive an offer via SMS, which proves why SMS marketing is generally a much-preferred option.



Studies have shown that an average American checks their phone more than 300 times daily. A phone is one technology that your consumers are always likely to have on hand throughout the day, which is why SMS marketing is perfect for SME’s especially for sending short messages, promotions, and quick advertisements.

The focus of SMS marketing is on permission-based texting service, which is aimed at promoting brand awareness and also engaging your audience. Why SMS marketing is one of the best choices for businesses, especially SMEs, is because texts are an efficient means of gaining your audience’s attention while also ensuring that your message gets viewed.

SMS marketing functions effectively even without WI-FI, unlike email marketing. Texts also have high engagement levels and tend to capture the attention of your audience.



Today, technology has made way for various new marketing channels, including the well-established medium of SMS, which shows a great return on investment in terms of lead generation and open rates. Having established that, SME’s can easily use SMS to boost their marketing strategy.

To get started, you don’t need a huge budget as SMS marketing is easy to start, cost-effective, and efficient. As earlier stated, SMS enjoys a high open-rate percentage, and you can easily start marketing over SMS as long as you possess a phone and a line. For more efficiency and effectiveness, you can also invest in an SMS marketing platform. It is also vital to obtain your audiences’ consent and ensure that they opt-in to your SMS service.

Advocado’s Experience with SMS Marketing

Advocado is serving close to 700 outlets across Singapore, and helping them to reengage their customers via SMS campaigns. SMS performs way better than emails, and are the way to go for B2C companies in Singapore Market.

Most merchants who send their promotions using SMS successfully generate return visits and additional revenue. Here are some examples of our clients in Singapore, on how SMS’s are super effective in bringing back customers:

Irrespective of how you approach it, SMS marketing does not only improve engagements, but it ultimately boosts business sales and connects you to a larger audience. There is no doubt that SMS as a marketing tool is effective as long as you make the most out of it.

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