Initially, CRM software was created to assist F&B, Retail, and other businesses in establishing and preserving relationships with both prospective and current customers. However, over time, CRM systems have undergone significant developments. They have transformed from a basic contact management system into a powerful and comprehensive tool. This all-in-one solution now empowers users to effectively manage customer’s data, transaction history, rewards, marketing campaigns, and various other operational data. Especially in Singapore, a nation renowned for its love of food, CRM software becomes an essential asset for F&B businesses. It plays a pivotal role in their operations and marketing.

Selecting the ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your business can feel pretty overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, each offering a diverse range of tools and features, can make the process seem a daunting task.

We are here to help! In this article, we shortlist some key points that you should focus on while selecting the CRM for your F&B business in Singapore:

1. Fits to your business requirements

One of the most critical aspects is ensuring that the CRM software aligns with the unique needs of your F&B business. Consider the specific functionalities and features that are essential for your operations.

For Instance, while most CRM softwares offer pipeline management functions, F&B businesses may not necessarily require such a feature. Instead, what they truly need are tools to attract customers through enticing offers, discounts, and rewards. It is essential for them to efficiently track these rewards and engage customers with targeted messages, encouraging them to become repeat patrons of the business.

Example: Coffee Hive Holdings, Singapore

Coffee Hive was born from a desire to provide quality food and coffee at affordable prices to Singaporean workers in the Central Business District. They have 2 different brands under their group, both with different target customers. Their CRM software allows them to easily design different campaigns to appeal to different types of customers. 

According to the co-founder, Anthony Chan, “After starting to work with Avocado (their CRM), we realized that the value proposition that Advocado gave was really interesting and our customers loved it.” Click here to read the detailed story. 

2. Ease of acquiring customer data

Efficiently gathering and organizing customer data is crucial for your F&B business. You should look for a CRM system that enables easy data collection and allows integration with various touch points such as POS (Point-of-sale), e-commerce platforms etc. 

It should offer a user-friendly interface, ensuring that your staff can quickly update customer information during interactions. Additionally, the software can incorporate self-enrolment features for customers. This not only saves time for your staff but also empowers customers, giving them a sense of control and fostering higher engagement with your brand.

Example: HoneyWorld®, Singapore

HoneyWorld® was founded in 1997 by Pearline Goh, specializing in honey and bee-related products from across the world.

About their CRM software, they are particularly fond of its user-friendly nature, which seamlessly caters to all of their 22 outlets. Pearline, the founder of HoneyWorld, expressed her delight, saying, “Our customers can effortlessly sign up to earn points and receive birthday treats within a matter of seconds.” For more insights into HoneyWorld’s experience with their CRM, read here.

3. Effective Marketing Tools

An effective CRM system should provide marketing tools to help you engage with your customers. You should look for features like Targeted marketing, customer segmentation, SMS broadcast, personalized offers, and automated campaigns. These tools can aid in promoting special offers, events, and discounts to your customer base, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and driving repeat business.

Example: Sauté-san, Singapore

Sauté-san is committed to providing high-quality green dining and aims to bring health benefits to their customers. One aspect they particularly appreciate about their CRM is the marketing automation feature, which enables them to engage effectively with all customer segments through targeted marketing efforts.

Founder Ai Lin attests, “It (their CRM) allowed us to build stronger, more personal relationships with our customers.” To learn more about their success story with the CRM system, click here.

4. Insightful Reports/Dashboards

Data-driven insights are invaluable in making informed business decisions. A good CRM software should offer comprehensive reporting and analytics features. You can look for software that can generate sales reports, customer behavior analytics, and performance metrics. Accessible dashboards with clear visualizations will allow you to monitor your business’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Example: YumCha, Singapore

Founded in 2000, Yum Cha operates 2 outlets in Singapore serving dim sum in a tea house environment. 

They use a CRM software that lets them create personalized promo campaigns to keep their customers engaged and coming back for more. With all the reports and dashboards, they can measure how effective these promos are, and tweak them to perfection. Pamela, the General manager of YumCha, says “The freedom to create promotions in the backend is something that I enjoy a lot.” If you want to know more about their CRM game, check them out here.

5. Reliable Customer Support

The key element in utilizing any technical product or service is the quality of their customer support. When choosing a CRM software, it is crucial to ensure that they have a responsive and easily accessible support team. Many technical products often have a cumbersome and frustrating support process, requiring users to raise tickets and wait for callbacks to resolve issues, which can take days and cause frustration for business owners.

Example: Seoul Garden, Singapore

Founded in 1983, Seoul Garden Group runs 14 F&B outlets in Singapore serving halal Korean buffet-style meals.

Leanne, the Assistant Marketing Manager at Seoul Garden Group appreciates that their CRM software’s customer success team is responsive, and promptly replies to any queries or issues Seoul Garden has. “Advocado’s customer success team is fast and responsive. Everything we need is delivered very quickly”. Check out their success story here.


In today’s market, most CRMs offer similar features and cutting-edge technology, making them highly competitive. Therefore, the primary focus should be on the CRM’s support team, ensuring they are readily available, quick to respond, and responsible in assisting you at any time. Having efficient and dependable customer support will make your experience with the CRM smoother and more productive.

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