iVegan WOWs regulars with Multi-Tiered Membership powered by Advocado

About iVegan

iVegan operates 2 outlets in Singapore serving Asian and Western vegetarian dishes. Ray, the founder, had taken an interest in exercising and eating healthily, and he wanted to make it easier for other health-minded consumers to eat out while eating well. iVegan places great importance on the healthiness of their food, using olive oil and pansalt (a low-sodium mineral salt) to create their dishes. Anyone interested in all-natural plant-based food should definitely check it out!

At a Glance

With Advocado, iVegan achieves the following results:

The Objectives

Advocado gave Ray the tools he needed to create a membership programme to suit his restaurants.

To set up iVegan’s membership programme, Ray did his research on CRMs and evaluated his options. His business partner had recommended Advocado as an option, and he had previously seen Advocado’s membership programmes at stores he patronised. He decided to give Advocado a shot, and he was not left disappointed. 


At first glance, Ray found the Advocado system user-friendly – definitely a positive. His favourite feature by far, though, was the ability to segment his customers by various criteria: gender, average spend, location and more. He found it was a lot easier to understand his customer segments so that he could design a membership programme that could satisfy their needs. Advocado also made maintaining the membership programme a breeze for him: the automated downgrading of membership tiers when the expiry date was reached meant that there was no confusion over a customer’s membership status.

“I like how easy associating different rewards with different membership tiers is. For example, our basic tier members receive 1 membership point for $1 spend, but our silver and gold members receive 1.5 points and 2 points respectively. Advocado helps me to keep track of this.”

-Ray, Founder, iVegan-

What Our Merchant Said?

“There was this runner who had visited our i12 Katong outlet, and he really enjoyed our dishes. He was so glad to see that we have a membership programme that he left a Google review about it.”

Founder, iVegan


iVegan now has a consistent set of rewards that customers deeply appreciate, keeping them coming back over and over.

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