JuJu & Cafe Bakeaholic centralise customer data using Advocado

About JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic

Charmaine Hui started Cafe Bakeaholic in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from pursuing her masters degree and turned her towards baking as a hobby. Not long after, she opened a physical cafe in Singapore serving both Western and fusion dishes. JuJu is her latest venture into Singapore’s F&B scene, which serves Hong Kong-inspired mains, as well as snacks and drinks imported straight from Hong Kong.

At a Glance

With Advocado, JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic achieved the following results:

The Objectives

Advocado's digital setup helps JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic to track the success of their promotions, while also making memberships easier for their customers.

Rainnie finds Advocado a great improvement on their physical card due to the digital system being more convenient for both themselves and the customers. The cafe teams can now track customer reengagement through the Reports feature Advocado provides, so they have information on what campaigns customers prefer. Rainnie liked that the wide range of rewards functions means that they have more options for customer rewards. 


Customers also preferred Advocado as they can easily sign up for a membership account through QR codes instead of having to carry a VIP card around. They can also check how many rewards they have left on their account, so that they can best utilise the promotional offers they receive.

“The database is the best [feature] among all of them…once [the information from the two brands] was linked, it was so much easier for me.”

-Rainnie, Operations Manager, JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic-

What Our Merchant Said?

“They’ll come back more often to utillise their discounts.'”

Operation Manager, JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic


JuJu and Cafe Bakeaholic has all the information they need to engage their loyal customers at their fingertips with Advocado.

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