Excite your customers with the best loyalty program


Every business is unique, so should your loyalty program. Simply mix-and-match the features to create your very own loyalty program.


Build a community of advocates with cash upfront.


Putting a dollar value to incentivise your customers.


Reward your customers when they refer their friends & family.

Prepaid Items

Give customers value bundles that they will absolutely love & can track.

Loyalty Points

Convert spending into rewards and points automatically & seamlessly.


Reward your customers with stamps without adding to the clutter in their wallets.

Stored Value

Offer store credit without going through all that backend fuss.


Reward your customers with cash vouchers and save on printing costs.


Advocado is integrated into your favourite business apps.

No more double work – business and sales data is immediately captured in Advocado’s platform. Saving time and effort has never been easier!

Marketing Automation

Whether you want to remind your customers of their expiring rewards or send personalised birthday treats, our automation bot “Advocade” can help!

Set it once and let them do the heavy lifting.

No such thing as too much customer engagement! 
Let us help you bring them back again and again and again and again and ….

Get Real Time Data

Instantly see how your campaigns are doing across all your outlets in real time. Know your most loyal customers – what they like, when they visit, how much they spend, etc.

With these critical intel at your fingertips, you have a clear view of how your business is doing.

Better business decisions can be made! No longer rely on guesswork.

The Complete Solution

With every customer – lies a potential to turn them from prospects to regulars to advocates. At Advocado, we help you engage your customer at every opportunity.

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