Nanta BBQ

"Previously we did everything by paper...but you all simplify and automate everything."

Food & Beverages



"The freedom to create promotions in the backend is something that I enjoy a lot."

Food & Beverages


Coffee Hive Holdings

"Advocado is always improving. We value partners like Advocado who can grow with us in the long run."

Food & Beverages

Kumo Sub Cover

Kumo Japanese

"If you want to reach out to your customer base in the shortest amount of time, use Advocado!"

Food & Beverages



"Customers come more often to upgrade their membership for better rewards"

Food & Beverages



"Paid membership program is a win-win. Our Loyal patrons get more value and visit more often."

Food & Beverages

Sc Store 02

Seoul Garden

"Advocado's customer success team is fast and responsive. Everything we need is delivered very quickly"

Food & Beverages

Honey World

"Within a few seconds, our customers can easily enroll themselves to collect points and birthday treats.""

Food & Beverages

Nuolde Store


"No matter which new outlet our customers go to, they easily enjoy the benefits of being a Nuodle member."

Food & Beverages

99 Percent Hair Studio

"With Advocado we reduce the impact that Covid had on us by directly interacting with our customers"

Fashion & Beauty

crm app used by beauty salon.

Gui Ren Tang

"We totally love Advocado’s brand new Sales Automation feature!."

Fashion & Beauty

Saute San

"It allowed us to build stronger, more personal relationships with our customers."

Food & Beverages

Bose-One Futureworld

"The platform itself is stable and easy to navigate."


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