Ever wondered how brands like Dian Xiao Er and Tim Ho Wan outlets are still crowded with customers despite the pandemic? Other than great food and fantastic service, we suspect they have employed our FAILPROOF strategy that has enabled them to increase revenue, membership signups, and customer visits!

As a company that works closely with over 400 restaurants across Singapore, we have had the opportunity to assist Singapore’s F&B retailers to:

  • Generate instant cashflow
  • Boost sales figures and revenue
  • Increase customer visits and footfall
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention

These valuable insights drove us to develop a comprehensive framework that can be adopted by F&B outlets, big and small, to achieve the tremendous generate the additional revenue needed to propel your business to greater heights! 

So, what is this strategy that we are so eager to share with you? We are proud to introduce to you Advocado’s proprietary Loyalty Engagement Wheel!

The X-Factor: Advocado's Proprietary Loyalty Engagement Wheel

With customer behavior constantly changing, it can be hard for business owners with the evolving demands and needs of their target audience. The ability to understand their customers is critical as it enables brands to create messaging and experiences that resonate with their customers on a personal level. When customers feel appreciated and understood, they will not hesitate to come back for more, leading to increased revenue generation.

This is where Advocado’s proprietary Loyalty Engagement Wheel (L.E.W) comes into the picture. Our proprietary L.E.W framework allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers EASILY with a 3-part cycle process – Reward, Know and Engage.

Stage 1: Reward your Customers

Don’t you just love being rewarded, whether it is free stuff or birthday gifts? So do your customers. Rewarding customers will make them feel important, acknowledged, and cared for. Remember this: when customers feel that they are appreciated, they tend to return for more. It’s like food – if it matches our palate, we can’t help but crave more!.

So, next question is, what rewards do you need to prepare? Do you need to give away a Mercedez Benz or an SGD10,000 cheque? You’ll be surprised to know that these rewards don’t require you to have a fat wallet or a loaded bank account.

Commonly-used yet incredibly effective rewards programs (Link to Loyalty features page) in Singapore include Cashback, Memberships, Loyalty Points, Vouchers, Stored Value, and many more. Just for a record, merchants who have implemented these rewards programs, have enjoyed additional revenue of at least SGD5,000 per outlet every month!

As every business is unique, so should its rewards program. An ideal rewards program should be customized according to a brand’s target customers and business objectives. This is where we progress to the next stage.


Stage 2: Know your Customers

To know which rewards programs work best for your customers, you need to understand them – their needs, purchase tendencies, preferences, etc. Because the more you know, the less convincing you need to do. The less convincing you need to do, the less effort and resources you’ll have to keep them hooked.

Ask yourself this: Why shoot wildly, hoping to hit the target, when you can HIT THE BULLSEYE with full precision every single time? 


Stage 3: Engage your customers

Once their interest is high, its time to reel them in by using the right marketing campaigns through the right channels at the right time.

So how exactly can a brand implement this? It’s as easy as a walk in the park! By segmenting your customers into smaller groups based on the characteristics and buying behaviours (Link to Customer Segmentation), you’ll be able to craft messages and experiences that are catered for the target audience you want to reach out to.

This is where the Loyalty Engagement Wheel comes full circle, whereby brands can formulate the best rewards programs and incentives to keep their customers returning for more! 

The Result: From Customers to Advocades

What? There’s more? Oh, we are not done with just yet. The Loyalty Engagement Wheel gives brands another priceless benefit – turning customers into brand advocates, as per the breakdown below:

Suspects  ->  Prospects  ->  Customers  ->  Regulars  ->  Advocades  

The LEW results in a strong relationship between the brand and its customers. Rewarded customers feel personally attached to the brand. These customers will not only become a ‘regular’ by engaging with the brand again and again, but will also become a ‘Brand Advocate’ by recommending your brand to their friends and family.

Through these Brand Advocates, new customers will be introduced to your brand, who will also undergo the Loyalty Engagement Wheel as well, resulting in more new and returning customers, increased sales and exponential growth of the business. 

Success Stories of Brands Using the Loyalty Engagement Wheel Framework

Let’s take a look at some brands that have enjoyed amazing success by implementing our Loyalty Engagement Wheel framework:

1. Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er is one of the most renowned household names in Singapore – famed for its Herbal Roast Ducks and other Chinese cuisine. Customers who signed up for their membership programs are rewarded with e-vouchers, birthday discounts, loyalty points, and much more, ensuring that they will keep coming back for more to Dian Xiao Er to enjoy the benefits.

Watch the video below to understand more about Dian Xiao Er’s success story:

2. Saute-San

Saute San is all about bringing people together though good food and green dining. Saute San’s amazing rewards program has been the success factor behind their increase in customer revisits. Their rewards program is so seamless and easy to use that it allows the staff to focus on other aspects of the business such as improving customer service!

Take a look at Saute-San’s journey with Advocado’s Loyalty Engagement Wheel:

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