As a business owner, you’ll have to make business decisions that affect your employees, customers, and business. Right from deciding whether you should expand your workforce, to which software to use to manage your sales pipeline, you wear a lot of hats. On top of that, ensuring that keeping your customers remain delighted and loyal is one of your major priorities. 

This is why it’s important to have the right business tools and software that can help you to manage your relationships with your customers. This article focuses on what are CRM software programs for SMEs in Singapore, and how can they can help you to optimize crucial aspects of your business – including managing customer relationships.

What are CRM softwares/programs?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. But, what do CRM systems actually bring to a business? 

CRM systems, in their simplest form, help businesses to improve their sales and increase revenue generation by making sure that they have a strong understanding of their customers. CRM systems gather data that is generated through marketing campaigns, loyalty initiatives, and rewards programs that are set in place offline and online. However, gathering information is just a small part of what a robust CRM system. With today’s technology, CRM programs in Singapore also come with features such as loyalty programs, marketing automation, and target segmentation that supercharge your marketing and sales initiatives.

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Why does a business need CRM software/programs?

The goal of a CRM is to improve business relationships with customers through retention and acquisition: converting your prospects to customers and customers to loyal advocates. From the data collected from CRM systems, business owners will be able to identify opportunities and implement the right strategies to scale their business and increase revenue.

Whether you are a small business that is looking to increase customer retention and acquisition, or a multi-outlet business who is looking to have better cross-outlet customer management, you’d need a CRM software. Here’s why:


1. Better data organisation.

CRM software are capable of tracking all your customer’s details and purchasing patterns such as their name, contact information, birthdays, frequency of visits, the amount spent, etc. It is through data like this that business owners will be able to devise strategies and marketing campaigns to target audience sectors.

2. Enhanced communication.

Most CRM programs in Singapore and globally today have automated communications that allow you to regularly keep in touch with your customers. You can just set specific rules and let the in-built automation features do the heavy lifting. You can set for your customers to receive important reminders, notifications, offers, and promotions on a timely basis. Most importantly, these CRM systems can reach your audience regardless of their preferred device – smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, you name it.

3. Easily manage information.

You can easily manage the customer information across multiple outlets, or even across multiple businesses under the same group. Through selective data sharing, your staff at any outlet will be able to give a personalized experience to the customer, without missing  any important detail. This will allow your brand to give a personalized experience to your customers. Knowing their preferences and recommending similar products / services to them will make them feel special and appreciated.

Take a look at the diagram above. Customer A visits Outlet 1 for the first time and their details are taken down. Next month, they visit Outlet 2 and they are greeted by their first name. Few weeks later, Customer A receives updates about an upcoming sale which perfectly matches his / her tastes. Then, Customer A’s birthday arrives and a special reminder of their birthday reward is received. It is through experiences like these that will make your brand irresistible and turn your customers into regulars and eventually advocates.

4. Engage all: Suspects, Prospects, Customers, Regulars & Advocades

A CRM program like Advocado provides you with the capability to capture prospects, even if they haven’t interacted with your business yet. Yes, you read that right! 

To better understand this, lets take a look at Rocky master’s outstanding campaign:

Here are some intrestings facts about the campaign:

  • Anyone, literally anyone, can scan the QR code to claim a free coffee (that too, without any minimum spent). For a coffee or tea drinker, this is a no-brainer deal as it requires zero commitment . As soon as the customer claims the coffee, Rocky Master can re-engage the customer with more amazing deals in the future.

  • If the customer forgets to redeem the coffee, Rocky Master can send an automated reminder to notify the customer that he/she can redeem the coffee at any of their 13 outlets island-wide.

  • If there is a group of friends/colleagues at a table, they all can scan to claim their own coffees.

5. Know your business.

Finally, a CRM system helps a business owner or stakeholders to better understand the business and its customers. Various reports from the CRM helps you answer questions like

  • How many new customers does your business enroll every week, month, or quarterly?
  • How many returning customers come back to your business on a regular basis?
  • Who are your top spending customers?
  • Who are your regular customers and what’s their average spent?

And much more.

Once you have this information, it will be easier to draft the right and effective marketing strategies for the business. 

A good CRM by itself can solve the small and big problems of many businesses. One of the leading CRM software in Singapore is Advocado, Having partnered with over 400+ brands and empowering over 700+ outlets across Singapore, membership is one of Advocado’s most popular solutions and we amassed amazing success in helping businesses across Singapore multiply their revenue, increase customer retention and revisits, and most importantly, create instant cashflow to sustain their day-to-day operations. Check out Advocado’s features here.

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