As a business owner, there are 101 things that you would need to manage every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate some of these processes, so that you can focus your attention on the more important aspects of your business such as improving customer experience, generating extra sales, etc.?

Marketing is typically an aspect of the business that requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. Just like many factories have an automated manufacturing process nowadays, you too can have an automated marketing process, minus the expensive machinery and complicated technology.

The truth is, being able to “set and forget” your processes enables you to save precious time, which is essential, especially in today’s times when everything is so fast-paced. Just ask yourself: Would you still want to spend hours of your day replying customer enquiries, sending out email and WhatsApp reminders, or even run to the printing store to print marketing collaterals to disseminate to your audience? That is a lot of time wasted, especially when you can have a feasible way that allows you to do all the above and more in mere minutes. This is where a marketing automation platform like Advocado comes into the picture.

To help you with all these mundane marketing tasks, having a robust Marketing Automation Platform will ease up all your marketing efforts. Every business owner wants to market their product(s) and service(s) effectively. With  Marketing Automation, you’ll be able to schedule and execute your marketing tasks in a streamlined and efficient way which enables you to save up on resources such as time, money, and effort. 

Okay, now that you know what marketing automation is, let’s quickly see how it can help you in better ways. ing a

1. Helps you build a strong customer base

With marketing automation platform, you can remind your customers about your presence. This goes a long way to get your customers to return again, helping you to regain all those customers that you might have lost or are on the verge of losing. Consider a situation wherein you want to reach out to customers who haven’t visited your restaurant in the past month. With marketing automation platform, you can send an automatic reminders to those customers and notify them about any ongoing promotions. Also, you can remind them about vouchers and loyalty points that they have not utilized and are expiring. And all this can be done automatically. You just need to do a quick setup and set the perimeters of your automated reminders and the system will take over.

2. Campaign execution: a 10-minute task

Another important feature that a Marketing Automation Platform offers is the seamless execution of marketing campaigns. With this particular feature, you can easily set up your campaigns within minutes and let them run their course. You just need to set and fill in all the information about the campaigns and then just wait for the magic to happen. This feature not only helps in campaign execution but at the same time does it with maximum efficiency. If you are currently running marketing the old way, you’ll understand the pain and amount of effort and time it takes; Automation makes marketing an easy and painless process.

3.Convert your customers into regulars & brand Advocades

With a marketing automation platform, you can easily convert your customers into advocates for your brand. With innovative technology, today’s automation softwares are easily accessible via mobile devices and allow you to connect with your customers easily. This helps brands stay on top of their customer’s minds as they share updates and exciting news with them. This daily interaction makes them the brand’s regular customers, and once they become regulars, the brands can nurture them to eventually become into advocades. And guess what, these take barely any effort with the right marketing automation platform functionalities.

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4. You can measure your campaign performance

The best thing about  marketing automation platform is that it  helps you measure the success of your campaigns.These platforms are interactive and  user-friendly, where  you’ll be able to obtain real-time insights on how your campaigns are performing follow-up on each of your campaigns and see whether a particular campaign succeeded or not. Best of all, you can still monitor your campaigns while you are on the go through your smartphone or tablet, enabling you remain agile and make decisions on the fly if needed.

Final Words

Thanks to marketing automation, your marketing efforts can be streamlined into a process which only takes minutes a day to execute. No more spending countless hours setting up marketing campaigns that may or may not work. So, if you are one of those who is looking to automate your marketing efforts, you can take a look at Advocado’s Marketing Automation.

Upon working with over 400 brands across Singapore, Advocado has observed that many businesses in Singapore are still using manual and traditional means to market their product(s) and service(s). That is why Advocado has developed a Marketing Automation function that helps businesses like yours to generate revenue and help your business grow. At the same time, it helps you build that “bond” with your customers, which in today’s time is much more crucial than ever before with your customers having access to countless options today. 

 Advocado’s Marketing Automation helps businesses to effectively execute marketing campaigns, target the right audience, and measure and optimize campaign performance. The campaigns like birthday treat, expiry alerts, recovering lost customers, festive offers, or promotions can be easily executed within minutes. 

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What’s more, if you sign up today, you can claim up to 70% of our software costs via the Productivity Services Grant (PSG), giving you even more reason to let Advocado empower your business today!

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